Weather Essay

Posted on June 1, 2009 in by thetis3828

                                                              By: Thetis J. and Kristin S.
    Weather is a natural element on Earth. There is rain, sleet, snow and sun. If you asked 4 people if they liked sun or rain 3 of them would say they like sun. Some people also think of the weather to be a type of God who brings them rain for their dry crops. Others may think that certain types of weather are demons destroying their crops with snow and hail. Different areas have different opinions on the types of weather like farmers would have different feelings than city people. If it rains for farmers when they have had a dry season they would be happy but if it rains in the city, the city people may be angry because of the delay from people driving slow. But you’ll soon find out that a lot of people like all different weathers.

    Rain is one type of element on Earth.  Rain is a special type of weather I think that has brings different types of feelings. If it is a light rain, it may make people feel calm and relaxed from the light trickling sound. Rain can also make people feel sad and tired. For some people it makes them feel comforted. What ever it, is rain important to us. It waters our plants and feeds us. You might hate rain because of the damage it causes but it’s important.

    Another type of weather is snow. Snow is a magical element some might say. With the crystal looking flakes falling from the sky. When it first becomes winter, you like seeing the beautiful, untouched snow. This may make you feel relaxed or happy. But after 1-3 months, it gets annoying. Most people don’t like the cold weather but they do like the snow. Kids especially like the snow because they can make snow angels, snow mans like Frosty and have snow-ball fights with family and friends. I personally like snow and the weather being cold instead of warm all the time. I get tired of it after a while, but later miss the magical winter wonderland.

    Last but not least is the Sun. The Sun is a wonderful feeling on your skin. Most people like sun more than anything. During the time that the Sun is out, people like to go to the pool and beaches with tans. The best tempurature is around 60’s to the 70’s. I like all kinds of weather. The sun helps our Earth and help plants grow. We need the sun to survive. The sun is comfort for us. Without it, we can’t survive.

    Now you know how important weather is to us. We need sun to help plants grow and rain helps them grow too,even though snow kills plants. But there’s a purpose for it. We need to start to like all weather. How does the weather make you feel?

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